Happy Birthday MOM!

For her 39th birthday (39th for how many years in a row?)

We discovered this random courtyard in Quebec City. So silent and spooky!

She’s a secret expert photographer!

Her first grizzly bear sighting ever. How appropriate – the famous Scarface in Yellowstone.

Hawaii trip:

Heleakala – thanks for the jacket, mom!

I don’t think she wants her pic up, so here’s a pic she took of me!

The green sand – the same colour as her shirt and her eyes


Sunset in Lahaina, does it get any better?






5 things that make me smile

1. A delicious looking meal that is placed before my starving belly

Lou Malnati's deep dish in Chicago

2. Coffee that’s ready for me to enjoy – especially first thing in the morning

Mmmmm cappuccino in Quebec City

3. My dog (when he is behaving)

Hanging on the beach in Toronto

4. Exploring a new city on foot

Stepping out into the amazing city of Rome

5. Sunny days

My seal friend in Cabo soaking in the sunshine

Photo of the Week – Quebec City

I love grass. The smell – so fresh; the look – so green and healthy; the feel – so plush and cool; the taste….just kidding.

Quebec City, Quebec – in Canada – in May, 2010.

1 reason added to “Why I Love to Travel”

A few weeks ago, I wrote one of my favorite blog posts, one that I printed out to remind me why I am saving my money and not splurging on a new pair of shoes.

A few people that I know, and who have traveled with me, reminded me that I forgot one reason.


26. To be silly and carefree and to randomly pose in pictures

South Dakota

Quebec City

San Francisco


Orlando (Disney)

Yellowstone (showing off my bear spray)

Porter @ 50% off!

Two more days!!!

Porter is offering 50% off all flights to/from Toronto Island Airport.

So I could go to NYC for March break for $300 round trip. Not too shabby!!! Or Boston, or Quebec City….or Montreal….Halifax…drooooool

It really is the most wonderful time of the year when Porter is so nice to us.

Pizza pizza pizza!

Shout out to my boyfriend today for this post. The ultimate pizza maniac I have ever, and will ever know.


Lonely Planet came out with an article on the best pizza in the USA. It mostly discusses the debate between New York or Chicago style pizza. As a person who has only had Chicago deep-dish, and has tested it a total of 4 times at different places, I have to say that it would be very tough to beat this ooey-gooey-cheesy goodness.

Here are their top picks:


1. Joe’s in the West Village

2. John’s in the West Village or Midtown

3. Patsy’s uptown.



1. Grimaldi’s, under Brooklyn Bridge

2. Di Fara (1424 Ave J)

3. Franny’s in Prospect Heights

4. Totonno’s by Coney Island

5. Lucali’s in Carroll Gardens


1. Giordano’s in the Near North

California, New Haven, and St. Louis are also mentioned. Which I found came right out of left field!

I was a bit disappointed that they only listed one pizza restaurant in Chicago. Me thinks Lou Malnati’s and Gino’s East should be included as well. (read my review of Lou’s on my Restaurant page!). Can’t complaint too much since Giordano’s is where it’s at!

In Canada, I have a few to add to the list:

Toronto, Ontario


1. Queen Margherita Pizza

2. Terroni’s

3. La Vecchia

4. Mercatto

5. Camerra’s

Kingston, Ontario

1. Wooden Heads

Halifax, Nova Scotia

1. King of Donair (KOD)

Quebec City, Quebec


1. Portofino

2. Savini

Vancouver, British Columbia

1. Hell’s Kitchen

2. Incendio

Victoria, British Columbia

1. The Joint

Waterloo, Ontario

1. McMullens

I think the most entertaining aspect of this article are the comments at the end. Some people, like I just did here, recommended their own favorite pie places.

But a few actually were offended by this piece of writing. Come on, it’s pizza! Everyone has their own tastes, don’t be a pizza party pooper.

Mmmmmm pizza…

iPhone snaps

I decided to go through the pictures on my iPhone this morning and delete a load of them to see if my phone would stop acting as slow as the I-94 into Chicago.

I found some blurry photos that brought back so many amazing travel memories.


Italy, Halifax, Quebec City, Vancouver:

Irene is Coming


She’s a comin to one of my favorite places, New York City. My mouth dropped when I heard that the city was issued a mandatory evacuation and that the subway system was closing down today due to potential flooding. Unprecedented!! I wonder how big the storm surge will be…it’s been shown in too many movies throughout the years, the flooding of Manhattan…lets hope we don’t see it in reality.

North Carolina has been hit, and is still being drenched as I type. I hope this hurricane keeps losing its strength and moves to a very weak category 1.

Here in Canada, people in Quebec City, Gaspe, and Sherbrooke are preparing for up to 100mm of rain Sunday night. I remember a few years ago Sherbrooke was hit with a major flood, and I hope they are ready for one again!

Good luck everyone!!!! I am holding my breath, waiting to hear about the damage Sunday night and on.

Give me a sign, part II

Again with my love of interesting signs. Here are a few I collected when on my weekend trip to Quebec City. AND Happy Father’s Day, dads!

Falling snow chunks and lightning..I mean ice.

Bears love humans, they taste like chicken.

Can they really?!

Caution: Briefcase crossing

Savour Savini and Portofino

Two great restaurants in Quebec City to try out. Both Italian! I also ordered pizza at both. Sorry for the lack of variety!


The cab driver on the way in from the airport recommended this one. We walked by a few times and it always seemed so busy! Reservations were made for that evening and we were not disappointed.

I ordered the Prosciutto melone to begin, trying to take myself back to the first time I tried it in Italy. Good…but not quite the great magnificence I remember. For my pizza, I devoured the Salsiccia. Great, I would try it again! I also tasted the pasta with duck conofite. Very different, and lovely flavours…not a duck person though. The caesar salad is outstanding though, as I also snuck in a forkful of that from my neighbour.


Off a side street, a bit lower-key than Savinin, it was recommended by a companion we met that lived near the city. I felt like I was truly in Italy when I visited this place for lunch. PS – They have some of their signature recipes on their website, just in case you try something you love and want to test your cooking expertise among the experts at this restaurant.

For lunch, I ordered Pizza diavolo. Drooooool. Better than Savini, and I watched them make it and place it so lovingly in their fire to cook it. One of my eating partners ordered the calazone and she absolutely loved it!