Nature Trails in Downtown Toronto – Part 2

Last week, I rediscovered a trail I enjoyed jogging along in downtown Toronto.

It’s always nice to know there is a place where I am surrounded by green trees and shrubs, twittering birds and a few squirrel to encounter (and a cow!).

I tried a new route yesterday, and it involved touring by Riverdale Farm where it is possible to see farm animals such as cow, pig, and donkey among high rises and hazy downtown scenes.

Cow at Riverdale Farm

Don River below the Don Valley Parkway

Don Valley Parkway and a secret/unused off ramp

Back home through Cabbagetown

This is a must do trail again. The air is ALMOST fresh 🙂

PS – I actually DID do some jogging aside from taking a million pictures, in case you were wondering…

Jogging in Toronto

The weather is perfect now to take my exercise routine outside.

I really do not enjoy the treadmill, staring at a beige wall in front of me, and 2 other sweaty people on either side of me.

My jogging route outside actually inspired and motivates me to get up off the couch and explore what green we have in the city.

There are a few really nice jogging paths that take outdoor lovers into quiet, blooming and serene landscapes in downtown Toronto.

The one path I love to take is around the Don Valley, through several neighbourhoods, including Rosedale, Cabbagetown, Todmorden Mills, Riverdale Farm, and the edge of the Danforth.

A route modified from this map:

Check out the greenery from my iphone shots yesterday:

I have lived in Toronto for almost 7 years now, and recently discovered this path. It’s so nice to escape the concrete hustle and bustle of the city and take a peaceful jog though nature, like I remember from my childhood!