Top 5: Rides at Disney World

Guess what? I am off to Disney World tomorrow with my sister to celebrate my big birthday that might or might not have happened a few weekends ago. Disney is almost like a second home to me, as I go there every few years to feel like a kid again.

Here are my top 5 rides of DW, Orlando:

5. Spaceship Earth – Epcot


Classic journey through time. It describes advancements in technology through the ages and focuses on different cultures and their contributions. The silly animations at the end, that include your own faces predicts what the future may have in store for us. Classic!

4. Big Thunder Mountain – Magic Kingdom


This mild roller coaster sends passengers through an abandoned mine site in Wyoming, Montana, Utah…etc (not sure where it’s modeled after). It’s so silly and the line is never that long. I usually end up on the wrong side of the cart, and my neighbour usually slides into me, crushing me against the hard plastic by my hip. Yay…

3. Space Mountain – Magic Kingdom


One of the first roller coasters created at Disney – it’s totally in the dark and quite jerky. But a good jerky. Another classic Disney ride.

2. Rockin Roller Coaster – Hollywood Studios


Starring Aerosmith – you have to get to their concert asap, and they have ordered you a ‘stretch limo’ to get there. I won’t spoil the very beginning of the ride – but it is soooo crazy! Then you speed through loops, upside down and through the dark to the concert venue.

1. Expedition Everest – Animal Kingdom


On this awesome ride, you are in search of the mythical creature the Yeti in the Himilayan Mountains. There is evidence on this coaster of ripped up traps, paintings of this elusive creature and shadows hinting at its near proximity to your cart. The best part in my opinion, is when the cart takes you backward through parts of the track. I loved it so much I had to wait in line twice to do it again!

Happy riding!