This is a picture of the US-Mexican border in San Diego and Tijuana. Crazy! They are building a fence in the US that extends all the way to the ocean in this picture.


Love, Sweet Love

Villa La Playa

My friend came to me last week asking me if I knew of any ideas for a honeymoon which would have to be amazingly, romantically, quickly completed in 5 days and did not consist of laying all day in a recliner in the sun sipping sugary sweet daiquiri’s. Hmmm, any ideas? I suggested Lake Louisa, Alberta first. No way, too cold for her appetite. New York City? A little better, but they were just there not too long ago. What about San Francisco? Getting warmer she said, but also it’s a bit chilly there and also, she was there not too long ago as well! One more try…San Diego? Bingo!

You have the day at the beach if you fancy a nice relaxing day. Next, The San Diego Zoo or SeaWorld could occupy an afternoon. Why not Balboa Park? The groom might also enjoy an afternoon of golfing at one of the great clubs there and in the meantime she can check out the shops in the area.

Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of visiting this city, but from all the great things I have heard, I felt confident enough recommending it. Cross your fingers they enjoy it!

Five other quick honeymoon ideas:

1. Quebec City

2. Montreal

3. Vancouver

4. Napa Valley

5. Chicago