Go Tigers…oh wait, too late now?

I had the GREAT privilege to attend Game 3 of the World Series (Detroit Tigers vs San Francisco Giants), two weekends ago. It was a surprise gift from my boyfriend for my birthday the following weekend.

He couldn’t have picked a better gift – as many of you know, I am a huge baseball fan, and he is probably the sweetest boyfriend in the world too. Oh, and Zooey Deschanel sang the anthem, who I love!

What an amazing game – who knew “standing room only” meant that we could stand about 20 rows behind home plate (as seen in one of the pics below). The entire evening, I was wondering why the people in front of me spend so much more cash money for seats, when all they did was stand?!

So the game did not turn out so well for Detroit in the end, but I must admit, I have a secret crush on the Giants.

What a lucky girl, to see 2 of her favorite teams? …..whoops, does this slip mean I might not be such a great Toronto Blue Jays fan after all?