“If you can walk, you can snowshoe”

I still have a few days off, before I go back to work. One fun idea that popped into my head when discussing how to keep boredom at bay with my boyfriend, was to go snowshoeing.

It seems like a great idea, doesn’t it?

Here’s why:


1. It will keep with your new years resolution of staying fit.

2. Some of the trails are gorgeous.

3. Great way to suck it up and enjoy the winter weather.

4. It’s so cheap!

5. It’s peaceful, especially if it’s gently snowing out at the time.

6. It provides a cardio workout while also building strength, agility, balance and endurance.

7. You can burn more calories snowshoeing than you can walking, running or cross country skiing at the same pace.

8. It’s FUN!

One problem, I need snow in Toronto to do it! Time is running out, snow already!!