The world according to Pinterest

Yes, I admit, I am a little addicted to pinterest and I really couldn’t tell you precisely why…but I saw a very suspect/intriguing/insulting/facinating/fun contest that Pinterest released – in which you may win a new digital SLR camera!

All you have to do is vote on the most beautiful country in the world.

Wow – how do they come up with this?

Apparently you can vote on Twitter or Pinterest for your opinion on this matter.

So – voting. You can’t really use a scientific measures to determine for a fact WHAT the most beautiful country is….so let the opinion of computer literate/social media literate be the law 😛

A few days ago, I checked, and I saw that the UK was in first place for most beautiful country in the world. The next day it was Turkey, then Italy, then India, then Latvia.

Canada, my home and native land, has steadily remained at and around #6. Go Canada!!!

Where would your most beautiful country vote go to?

Go Go Gadget – Gogobot

I am starting to get addicted to the social media site Gogobot.

“Like Pinterest for travel lovers”

If you are curious about this site, I have a few questions for you:

Do you like to travel?

Do you like to share advice with other travelers?

Do you like displaying all the places you have been?

Do you like to get points (not sure what they go to, but hey – I get bonus points!)

Do you love planning trips?

Do you like to waste time on social media sites?

Look at the raves:

I’m going to try this baby out – or at least click on as many “places I have been to” as I can.