Bucket List

I dream of all different kinds of traveling, of course. Road trips, courses abroad, camping trips, flying to where the sun still shines during the cold winters… but there are a few things that I have really, really been dreaming of for a long time. I guess you call this the “bucket list”, so here you go with my top 5 (yes I do have more, but I had to cut it off somewhere!):

5. Sailing the seas in a houseboat for a summer. I guess would have to take along someone who could captain the boat.

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4. Visiting all of the baseball parks in the USA. I can already check off Old Yankee Stadium, AT&T Park, and Wrigley Field…it’s a start! I cannot wait to see Fenway Park, and the new Yankee stadium.


3. Show up at the airport and get the next random flight out. I would pack a bathing suit, sunscreen, and a sweater.


2. Storm chasing in tornado alley – my favorite show on tv is Storm Chasers, those people are amazing! I grew up looking at the skies, analyzing the clouds, trying to predict the weather. My favorite summer days are the ones with intense heating, and the development of cumulonimbus and anvil-shaped clouds. Watching a vicious storm develop has always captured my attention, especially when I am by the lake, or an open field.

1. Egypt – I am still trying to figure out the draw I have always had toward anything Egyptian. You should see my house! Ever since I learned about the ancient Egyptian culture in grade school, my fascination grew and the more I did my research on this amazing culture. My number one dream, I cannot wait to see this place!!!