Grindelwald – not just a character in Harry Potter

Hello again!
It has been a long break, but moving to Geneva has occupied my time in a big way, recently.  In any case, I thought I’d highlight a place in Switzerland I got the chance to visit a second time this summer, causing me to fall head-over-heels for it one more time:  Grindelwald.


In the above picture you can see that Grindelwald is a mountain village, situated in a valley in the Alps.  The hiking in this area is fabulous, and there are also numerous cable cars and little red mountain trains that you can take as well – the typical Swiss experience!  The town itself is very pretty – slightly on the touristy side, but I find it still retains its charm.  The mountains dominate the landscape, and these are not just any mountains.  The three largest are none other than the Eiger (one side of which is the North Face), the Monch, and the Jungfrau.  If you feel like forking out the dough, you can take a train from Grindelwald to the “JungfrauJoch”, which is the highest train station in Europe – situated on a high pass between the Jungfrau and Monch.

This was the view from our hotel window – I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Here are a couple shots from hikes and train rides around the area.

The path…


Alpen flowers – so pretty!

Thistle close-up

The Three Sisters (in the background): Eiger (North Face), Monch, Jungfrau

If you come in the wintertime, you are in skiing heaven – and also not far from Wengen, which hosts the World Cup slalom ski race if I’m not mistaken.

If you take a short (breathtakingly gorgeous) train ride from Grindelwald, you pass through Wengen and end up in Lauterbrunnen.  This is a village that seems unreal – it has a huge waterfall (Staubbach falls) right above it.


For those in Canada, I hope you enjoyed your August long weekend.  Have a great week,


Trains going green!

Nice photo!

This picture was taken in Rivne, Ukraine – wouldn’t that be so neat to see as you are riding the train to work every day?

Practice makes perfect, I hope!

I acquired a new camera a few weeks ago, and made the switch from Canon to Nikon.

It’s true that they are both great brands, but alas, this Nikon has been borrowed, so I can’t be picky and stick with the tried, tested and true Canon.

This summer, I am also embarking on a 2 month long trip (thank you teaching job!) to several national parks in the USA and Canada, then over to Vancouver.

My main mission?

Animal photography!

So to help me learn all about Nikon’s, I turned to an expert in this field – my boyfriend.

He took me out on the weekend to test out this Nikon while using his 70-200mm 2.8 lens, which he is also so graciously is letting me use all summer.

Our subject?

Trains! With a few animals here and there as we encountered them.

Here are three of my favorite practice shots from the weekend:

Craziest animal encounter – my dog Peabody!

The train! Only took 1 hour to get to our spot…

A day at the tracks

The trip to Hamilton to attempt to take photos of trains passing by at a busy junction turned out a bit differently than planned…

Only 1.5 trains were spotted (the 0.5 being an engine slowly passing by).

But who could complain? It was a gorgeous 18 degrees and sunny out, at a beautiful location along the escarpment.

AND after an afternoon long waiting game, I was rewarded with a trip to Niagara Falls, New York to visit Target and a great meal of pizza and wings at Gagsters. YUM!

Check out my one and only train photograph (my camera was acting up all day…grrrrr):

The waiting game...

Photography Excursion – choo choo!


Today, I have plans with my boyfriend and father to dust off our camera gear and shoot a few hundred photographs.

I really need to practice with my camera, and it will be nice having my partners give me some helpful tips as we shoot away at TRAINS!

We are heading to Bayview Junction in Hamilton, Ontario where several train lines converge along the “busiest rail line in Canada”.


At least it’s neat for my two companions who both have a passion for trains.

Stay tuned for some photos!