Photograph – Waterton, Alberta

Welcome to Waterton, Alberta. A much looked over national park. It’s attached to the US version, Glacier National Park, and together their efforts create the only international peace park (ie. national park joined by an undefended border).

It’s gorgeous, whether you prefer touring in Canada or the USA. I love both. Don’t make me  pick!

Waterton – wild flowers, black bears and cougars crawling all over you (not literally), amazing hikes, glasslands meets Rocky Mountains in a surprisingly diverse ecosystem for a park the size of a postage stamp.

Glacier – pure Rocky Mountain wilderness with extensive rugged back-country, roads only give you a small sample size of it’s vast protected space that covers both sides of the continental divide.

Look at a map of both – there is a missing 3rd in the flathead that is the west side of the continental divide in BC – the logical missing piece of the puzzle that is not only NOT protected, but OPEN to logging and development – see! Dumb.

*thanks S.

Where in the world are you?

WordPress created a very neat summary of my year in blogging. I am very happy that this blog has been viewed (and hopefully enjoyed!) by many. I am quite happy that I, for the most part, was able to write a blog post at least 5 times a week.

I look forward to writing much more in 2012, and more importantly, I look forward to traveling much more in 2012.

Being a geography teacher, I loved seeing this map of the world with icons representing where in the world my readers are from.

Thank you everyone for visiting my blog last year! Hope you enjoy and return in 2012!

Disaster Addition

Earthquake news! A 5.9 earthquake originating in Mineral, Virginia is the latest natural disaster to hit North America. Combined with the tornado in Goderich and the developing hurricane threat of Irene, seems like everything comes in 3’s.

Apparently the earthquake was felt in Toronto at 2pm today, and aftershocks are still occurring as I type this. Let’s hope everyone is ok. So far no injuries!