Stormy Spring Days in Toronto

Yesterday was the first time this spring that I saw some great stormy cloud action here in Toronto.

I love me a great thunderstorm, and I love me a chance to practice with my new Nikon camera.

It’s taking a bit to get used to it, but here are a few shots from a gathering storm passing through downtown Toronto:

As the heavy rain storm socked into the area, unfortunately, the promise of some lightning and loud bang-crash-booms was quickly diminished.

Maybe another day.

What in the %!*# Weather?

I had to take these screen shots yesterday when I glanced outside and saw SNOW FLAKES!

What the bleep is going on, end of April?

Here is Toronto this week:

And then let’s compare this to a few places I would like to be instead!

Vienna, Austria


The Settlement, Christmas Island (especially because I love thunderstorms!)

Beirut, Lebanon – with plenty of sunscreen!

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Come on Toronto, smarten up and take a page from the book of these countries (aka screenshot from The Weather Network).

Weather Win: Part 2

I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I get 2 weeks of March Break, not 1 like most Ontario teachers. But I take full advantage and am very thankful for it.

And as I have realized, may people don’t know what this holiday is.

My boyfriend from Vancouver calls it Spring Break. But, when I think of Spring Break, I think of going to Daytona Beach, Florida to party in February with all the other university students (which I did not do).

It’s a week (or 2 in my case) for students and luckily teachers to have off to recharge and relax after 2/3 of the school year has been completed.

PLEASE look at how lucky I am weather wise again this week:

I’m hoping that Friday and Saturday will improve as we get closer to the weekend, but I cannot believe how gorgeous the beginning of the week is going to be.

The curse from my father and sister seems not to have passed to me. Every time they asked for vacation time, no other employee around them would ask for the same week – guaranteed rain.

Thanks Toronto for making my staycation sunny and warm!

Weather Win for March Break

I’m off this week, as being a teacher allows me to enjoy a nice two week long break this month.

Love it!

Also, what I love is the forecast this week. It went from -4 last week to this:

How did you know I would be on vacation, Mother Nature? Thank you!

Nevermind the isolated showers…at least it’s not socked in for the day.

Italy then, and now.

Yesterday, I showed you a photo I took when in Florence, Italy in July two years ago.

Please watch the video from BBC to see what it looks like in Italy right now! Yikes, someone seems to be getting our snow!

BBC News – Snow-covered scenes across Europe.

Also, check out the photo from the Daily Mail:

The Vatican

The Colosseum


Travel and Nature Twitterers to follow

I’ve really fallen for this Twitter social media service in the past few weeks. I am so up-to-date with all my news now, and have so many fabulous recipes in my virtual recipe book that are just waiting to be tested out.

So I thought I would share some of my favorite Twitter personalities, in which I eagerly wait on my account (@JeebsC) for their next Tweet.

Happy tweeting!

Tornado Chasing

An F3 tornado made its way through Goderich, Ontario on Sunday afternoon, killing one person and destroying the downtown area.

The warning for this tornado was issued by Environment Canada at 3:48pm, while the tornado touched down just 12 minutes later.

My well wishes go out to the people in this town, 2 hours from where I grew up. So much time will be needed to restore this gorgeous town to what it once was.

A tornado that came right from the lake, no warning.

I love my show “Storm Chaserson the Discovery Channel which include some amazing scientists and meteorologists, including Reed Timmer, who are risking their lives to bring back as much data as possible to improve warning systems when this type of weather occurs.