Biking in Burgundy

Your faithful guest blogger is back from Copenhagen – notes and photos on that later!

I’d like to share one of my favourite trips outside of Switzerland – biking in Burgundy, France (I thought I’d clarify in case you were thinking the post was about cycling in a maroon shirt…).

In essence, going on this trip feels like you are in a French film – you wind your way through French vineyards, glide through old French wine-making villages, take in the breathtaking scenery, even stopping to sample a grape now and then.
I was with a group, and we stayed in Beaune, France,  and for the cycling aspect we used Burgundy Evasion Bike Tours, which I highly recommend.  Florian, who runs the tiny company, is an excellent guide.  He speaks both French and English.
Here are some photos from the bike rides:

As for Beaune, to me it feels like the quintessential French village – cobblestone streets, lots of wineries for tasting, a wonderful Saturday market (you might recall my love of markets!), little winding streets, and lots of “terrasses” (patios) on which you might enjoy a glass of local burgundy wine.

Off to a wine-tasting!Guess which bottle is the normal wine bottle size???  Yup, the one on the left.  The one on the right would require a serious celebration!

The streets of Beaune.Market produce.  What can I say, the French know how to display their veggies.

Of course my blog posting wouldn’t be complete without a mention (at least one…) of food – one of my favourite French treats is called a “macaron” (macaroon).  This one café (sorry, the name escapes me) offers a large selection of flavours, and you can have it elegantly with tea, as I did below.  (Perhaps mine was less elegant because I drooled so much in anticipation!)

In Beaune there is a very old hospice (no longer being used as one) which you can tour – I also would recommend this!
If you are looking for a trip to France, I would suggest you give Beaune a try…because how can you not follow the sign below??

Happy Sunday,