Wistfully Wandering Wonderful Website – Wanderfly

Check this site out. Very dangerous for myself who is always daydreaming about travelling.


This site allows you to set your travel budget, select when you want to go, and for how long, and check off whether you are in the mood for adventure, romance, culture, art…the list goes on. It is so addicting! Is it just me?

Here are a few trials resulting from distracting myself from writing report cards.

Choice #1: Eco theme, mid July, budget $2000 for 15 days.

Oakland. Interesting. Love it! And it is $500 below my budget. This site is great, it recommends things to do, such as hmm salsa classes at 580 Grand Ave. #305, Oakland, California. Neat!

Choice #2: Food, mid-July, 8 days, budget $1400

Ahhh! Love love lovvvve it! Can I book this right now? I’m hungry! And I could stay at the Ramada Brasov.

Choice #3: Romance and History, mid-July, 12 days, budget $1600

Hmm…ok, I think I would really love to see this place. This site is getting so entertaining. One more, ok?

Choice #4: Art, Entertainment, and Adventure, mid-July, 14 days, budget $2200

Ok, been here, would do it again in a heartbeat. But check out these other options at the top: Prague, Plymouth, Dever, Puebla, Walla Walla (need to go there NOW!).

So, if you are bored and need some entertainment, OR if you are actually planning a trip and have no idea where your little heart desires where to go…try this site, please. I know you will enjoy it.

Time to get back to report card writing….

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