“The Future”: Predicting what 1950 would be like – in 1925

Congestion has long been a problem. Here’s how, in 1925, Popular Science envisioned the solution to congested roadways:


I love that the aircraft of the future are blimps!

The modern ‘green roof’ or rooftop gardens began in the 1960s – so Popular Science was close on this front.

What is weird is that if we have a series of skyscrapers with a level for restaurants/grocery stores, then your work, then the schools for your children, and finally – your home. Why is there all this traffic?

This looks like a cool concept for sustainable living. People must have been super lazy, or still entertained by the idea of Sunday driving, with all these layers of traffic and no where to go!

PS – The street decorations look like Paris, don’t they? Take me!